Wooden 48 Pcs Puzzle - Fire Fighting

From an early age, you should take care of your child's development. From the age of two, basic thought processes are formed, and their proper development at this time is a guarantee of later successes in adulthood. One of the forms of combining fun with learning is arranging puzzles. Scientific research confirms that children who play jigsaw puzzles later have better spatial skills.
The main theme of the puzzle is the firefighting action of the fire brigade.
The set contains 48 numbered elements - a puzzle plus a pad with a copy of the picture on it, which will help smaller children to arrange them. Puzzles also help in learning logical thinking, improve memory, stimulate the imagination and enrich vocabulary and improve hand-eye coordination.
After completing the arrangement, you can encourage the children to describe the picture with their own words.

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Age: Unisex 3+, Unisex 5+
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