Children's Microphone with Stand - Blue

Two-microphone design: The unique dual-microphone design allows two children to sing together. Especially suitable for parties, children can sing along with their friends. ADJUSTABLE STAND: The stand design makes your baby sing like a star, and feel great. You can adjust the height of the stand according to your child's height. Create a musical atmosphere here, your child can sing along with our microphone toy. Music makes children happy to sing and dance with children. Built-in Flashing Lights: The multi-colored built-in stage lights flash as your little one sings. High simulation microphone with light effect allows children to enjoy a pleasant singing experience. Phone connection: Connect your phone/MP3 and microphone via audio cable. Then the phone plays music or accompaniment, and the child sings along with the music.
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Item Number: FFM5013
Age: Boys 3+
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