Soap bubbles octopus

Cute octopus design: Small and exquisite octopus appears a chubby body with purple color.High output of exciting bubbles blow per minute is just gonna cheer kids up into a dreamy bubble paradise! Stable balanced structure: With flat and stabilized base, this octopus bubble blower is able to sit firmly without shaking,thus,avoid spills and tip-overs. One push on/off: Coogam bubble maker have only one single big button to start on or off the device which is located on the very top.No more fussy operations,even kids can easily do it by themselves. Bubbles comes numerous: Coogam bubble machine featured built-in music function.With just a bit of bubble solution,the octopus blows out a ton of bubbles.Lighthearted “under the sea”tune comes out with colorful bubbles once hitting the start button Various festive occasion: Coogam octopus bubble blower is born to be a great enhancement to any of your special occasion! For Wedding,party,birthday,pet amusing,baby bathing or simply as a gift.
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Item Number: FFP81198A
Age: Unisex 3+
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